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St Patrick's Day and Easter Celebrations 

The children tried Soda bread on St Patrick's day and coloured in some pictures. For Easter the children learnt two songs, 5 Easter Eggs in a sweet shop and Spring Chicken. We made nest cakes using cornflakes and melted chocolate and on the last day of term we had an Easter egg hunt in the garden. 

              For Mother's Day the children decorated a card and made chocolate chip cookies 


St David's day

For St David's Day we tried

some welshcakes at snack time.


                                                                   Chinese New Year

We have been celebrating the Chinese New Year and we have been learning a song.  The children took it in turns to play a drum to make a nice gentle sound for our song. We watched Bananas in Pyjamas Chinese New Year a short film on a Chinese family celebrating together. At snack time along with our normal snack  the children also got to try some noodles and prawn crackers if they chose to. At story time we read the story “Chinese New Year” which explained about the 12 animals that represent each year. 

2021 is the year of the Ox.

  Fun in the snow and Igloo building

January 2021

         Following on from making an igloo in the snow the children made igloos using sugar cubes and fake snow.

Welcome to Cygnets Nursery

Cygnets is a privately maintained Pre - School Nursery which offers early year’s education to children aged between 2 and 5 years. The day to day running of the setting is run by the management team alongside experienced trained staff. We serve the local community but welcome families from outside the local area into the setting. Our goal is to support both parents and children during their time with us, helping the children to be prepared for their transition to School.

Our aim is to provide a continuous, free-flow provision where every child is considered to be unique and where they feel safe and secure, whilst becoming confident, self - motivated, independent learners. We present a wide range of activities which promote your child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills as well as language development. These skills will be developed through both organised and child-initiated play which stimulates initiative and imagination.

We encourage and support children to learn through play whilst having fun and work in partnership with parents/carers to enable the children to thrive. We support both parents and children during their time with us, helping the children to settle and prepare for their next step up to 'Big School'.  We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum to offer the children many different and challenging activities through planning and self-choice.

There are six members of staff, three of whom are qualified to Level 3 NVQ/Diploma in Childcare and Education, one member of staff is currently completing her level two and two member of staff hold a Ba Hons (level 6). All staff are mums themselves, so have a good understanding of the needs of young children.


The children had fun designing a plate for Christmas.


A big thank you to Genevieve at Genevieve's Gallery in Egham for helping us.

Remebrance Day

For Remembrance day we made our own poppies, decorated some coluring sheets and observed a two minute silence at 11am.

Last term we completed activities about ourselves and our families.


My Family - The children used different characters to represent their family.

Potatoe people - using potatoes, sticks, stones, wool, split pins and pens the children designed themselves.

1st June 2020

We welcomed back some of our school leavers.

The nursery was a little bit different with our "bubble" group areas due to COVID-19 and social distancing.



Parent Feedback


Daisy's Mum - I feel that Daisy has settled into her new bubble environment extremely well! She leaves nursery everyday happy and excited to return! She understands fully why she is in a bubble group and that she can’t mix with other children etc. The videos and clear information you send us before re-opening helped us as parents to feel confident in her return and Daisy enjoyed being able to see the nursery Layout and I read the emails to her so she could take in some of the changes and be prepared for the new setting.


Keeping in contact during lockdown was also a really lovely idea. Pick up and drop off has worked brilliantly having the 5 minutes in between has made it run so smoothly and avoided the crowded drop off at the door situation. And if you do happen to bump into another parent or child you have time to say a brief hello etc but can’t stand and chat for too long or you will miss your drop off time which I think is a good thing so no one hanging around and if other people feel uncomfortable having to pass a group chatting this has helped avoid this situation.

We really appreciate all the hard work and planning that has gone into you re-opening cygnets! We know a few friends who’s nurseries have not opened and are not sure when they will be!

We’re so happy Daisy got to return!!! She really loves being at Cygnets and we’re so glad she got to finish her final chapter with you all! You really all have given her such an amazing start into her school life! And we can’t thank you enough for that!


Nancy's Mum - A few of my friends have been disappointed with their child’s nursery with full closure as that were unable to execute bubbles so I know I’ve said it before but I am so grateful that you guys have pulled it off and its working, Nancy is just as happy and settled as she was before the pandemic.

Rachel's Mum - I went round and round in circles deciding if it was right choice to send Rachel back to nursery but from day one seeing the children playing outside in their bubbles and having so much fun I knew I had 100% made the right decision & literally skipped away knowing she was safe and happy.Th e staggered drop off and picks ups worked really well, the pre sent videos of the new inside and outside bubble set up was a great idea so Rachel knew what to expect so she wasn’t fazed at all just excited to be back and settled in instantly.

I can’t recommend Cygnets enough

World Book Day 2020


All week the children have been bringing in their favourite books from home to share with the other chilldren. On Thursday the children came to nursery dressed as their favorite book characters to celebrate World book day, we had : -


Captain America, Bella, Spiderman, Spiderwoman, Kevin the minion, Buzz light year, Woody, Dinosaur, Witches, Gruffalo’s child, Chase, Sleeping beauty, Candelilla, Elsa, Anna, Thomas the Tank Engine

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Planning and Activities

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Ofsted Report

Ofsted judged  Cygnets as  "Good" with "Outstanding" in 

Personal development, Behaviour and Welfare.

"Children's health and well-being is exceedingly well supported. Staff provide children with exceptional levels of support to help them overcome anxieties and deal with change".


"Staff provide play and learning resources of exceptional quality, which are specifically sourced and made to support children's individual needs and interests".



"Children are well prepared for moving on to school. They are immensely sociable and good natured and this is well demonstrated by their enthusiasm to tell jokes and share their news and ideas during carpet time".







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Dawson Hall, Russell Road, Shepperton. TW17 9HB


Phone:- 07789 037297 / 07787 269154